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Specializing in dyslexia, learning disabilities, and attention issues.

Psychoeducational assessment
Psychoeducational assessment is an informational and diagnostic process used to identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and to diagnose the presence of factors affecting the learning process.

Interventions include psychotherapy, academic therapy, parent training, and coaching for students and adults with learning disabilities and difficulties with attention, planning, and organization.

Consultation services include reviewing prior testing and providing recommendations for academic interventions and school placements.

Navigating the special education system can be confusing and daunting. I have worked with many parents to help them understand what to expect and how to advocate effectively for their child. I have attended many school meetings to help schools understand the results of evaluations and to help parents advocate for appropriate interventions and accommodations within the school.

Community Outreach
I have provided informational sessions to groups of parents, teachers, administrators and students regarding learning differences, psychoeducational assessment, and educational diversity. I have presented to PTAs and particularly enjoy working with teachers in professional development settings to help them understand the challenges faced by students with problems with attention and learning.

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Services include assessment, intervention, consultation, and advocacy.

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